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The books with stars next to the titles are ones I have read and are important texts.
MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)
All my 'Quora' answers to questions about Aspartame, 
other artificial sweeteners and MSG - HERE

This is an interesting study: Carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages induces ghrelin release and increased food consumption in male rats: Implications on the onset of obesity - HERE

Also:  Ghrelin: The "Hunger Hormone" Explained - HERE
I'm including a pdf here for interest  from the Indiana Law Journal (page 8 in the pdf onward) 
'The FDA's Public Board of Inquiry and the Aspartame Decision' 

Is There Such a Thing as a ‘Sugar High’? Many parents blame sugar for their children’s hyperactive behavior. But the myth has been debunked. 
(New York Times, By Richard Klasco, M.D. Published Feb. 21, 2020) HERE

Violent Behavior: A Solution in Plain Sight - HERE APRIL 22, 2013 BY SYLVIA ONUSIC
The Potential Toxicity of Artificial Sweeteners - HERE (pdf available)
by Christina R. Whitehouse, BSN, RN, Joseph Boullata, PharmD, RPh, BCNSP, and Linda A. McCauley, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAAOHN

World Obesity Day: ‘All countries significantly off track to meet 2025 WHO targets on Obesity’ - HERE

Some infant formula milks contain more sugar than soda drinks – new research
February 20, 2020 - HERE

Dramatic Increase in Chronic Diseases by Dr Russell Blaylock - HERE (March 2020)

...Lear notes that overall the incidence of more than 40 diseases have doubled in the past generation.
Yet the silence from the public health agencies and scientific community is deafening. While Lear focuses on a biochemical cause for these events, the more important question is: Why is this happening?
What has changed over the past generation to explain these statistics? In fact, several things can be pointed to: a massive expansion of the vaccine schedules, not just for the very young, but all age groups; a dramatic increase in the use of glyphosate (Roundup) and other pesticides/herbicides; widespread use of aspartame; increased consumption of soy products and excitotoxic food additives; widespread exposure to fluoride and mercury; and a widespread exposure to aluminum in highly toxic forms.

Anti-Coke Lawsuit: “Plastic Is Set to Outweigh Fish in the Ocean”
"These companies should bear the responsibility for choking our ecosystem with plastic." HERE


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